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Cure Nail House

Cure is a philanthropic beauty salon that provides luxury nail services while simultaneously empowering its community through workforce development and training. The social enterprise addresses several issues that addresses the lack of access to beauty services, unemployment, job-readiness, lack of employment resources and skilled-trades learning.

Cure has several advantages and unique qualities compared to the average beauty salon. On one end, the salon will focus on providing an unforgettable experience; treating guests to complimentary drinks while they relax and receive one (or several) of our pamper services. On the other end, Cure’s skilled-trades program will focus on providing young women and men with the education to become a licensed nail technician at little to no cost.

What We Offer

The Salon



Our manicure treatments stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin.


Pedicure services provide full restoration for your nails with extra polishing.
nail art

Nail Art

Let our nail artists create a stunning and sustainable nail design for you.


Our Massage Services can help you get rid of any negative emotions after a long busy day.


Nail Technician Program

Cure’s nail technician program will be offered to high school students and returning citizens for free, and low-cost for those living within the low-income margins. While the curriculum will focus on required topics surrounding hygiene, artificial nails, manicuring, pedicuring, etc., the program will also educate students on salon etiquette, customer service, marketing and attentiveness.

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